Environment Agency Partnership

Knowing the peak flow rate of rivers and streams during floods is essential for the successful management of flood events.

To help with this a collaboration between Newcastle University and the Environment Agency (EA) that is evaluating new, low cost, and rapidly developing technology for continuous river flow measurement was established. It builds on research undertaken as part of the TENDERLY project which uses a non-contact Large Scale Particle Imaging Velocimetry (LSPIV) technique as the best solution to allow measurement of flood flows in a range of catchment types.

At suitable sites, the hardware cost for this non-contact monitoring technology is exceptionally cheap for a flow measurement solution.


Non-contact monitoring station set up on the River Dart in Devon

Project Approach


The project will deliver up to 8 non-contact flow monitoring sites with the sites chosen by EA staff. At present there are two installed site involved with the project:

  • River Dart at Buckfastleigh (Devon)
  • River Calder at Todmorden

The installation at each site will comprise of a camera for collecting video imagery, combined with a water level sensor, infra-red light source, data logging, and power and communications equipment.