About FFIR

The Flood Action Team at Newcastle University is part of a group of researchers from several UK universities involved in the NERC Flooding From Intense Rainfall (FFIR) programme.

The overall aim of the project is to reduce the risks of damage and loss of life caused by surface water and flash floods through improved identification, characterisation and prediction of interacting meteorological, hydrological and hydro-morphological processes that contribute to flooding associated with high-intensity rainfall events.

Further information on the FFIR programme can be found on the University of Reading FFIR blog.

There are three projects within the FFIR programme with the first two feeding into the latter:


Involved in two parts of the FFIR programme (Project SINATRA and Project TENDERLY) the research undertaken by the Flood Action Team at Newcastle takes multiple approaches to:


The outcomes from the research undertaken in both Project SINATRA and Project TENDERLY have since been applied in Chile. This next stage of the research will help to develop a low cost tool kit for the implementation of the hydrological monitoring systems in low income countries.